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Bringing ease and transparency to foreign exchange management.
  • Content Strategy
  • Web App Design
  • Development

Bondford is an innovative cloud-based platform which helps companies better manage their foreign exchange transactions by providing more clarity in the process.

I built upon existing brand assets to create a sustainable design language for digital products and redesigned the website to better showcase the platform.

The home screen highlights the problem with FX and how Bondford tackles it, feature by feature.

The first phase of the project was dedicated to identifying pain points and conversion hurdles. Paired with a thorough benchmark, these key findings laid a solid UX foundation for the new site.

I built upon existing brand assets to expand the design language and created a Sketch component library for future product iterations.

The team screen reveals the values of Bondford and presents the team in an approachable manner.
A blog was added to the site to establish Bondford as content authority in the FX industry.

I led the project for a team distributed across 2 time zones using SCRUM, powered by Confluence, Jira and Slack.

Highly-focused design sprints and lightning talks involved relevant stakeholders, including Bondford's founder & CEO, CTO and copywriter.

The contact screen was rebuilt to simplify the form and provide quick access to worldwide offices.